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‘my own’ Monday: On blogging for the business

It’s easy to get bogged down with comparison and desire in this booming digital photography industry.  The truth is, everyone could buy a digital camera get some people in front of their lens, and call themselves a photographer.  It’s so easy for me, especially in the dead of the Wisconsin winter to sit back and browse the endless blogroll that is trending professional photography and think that I’m just not cut out for this industry.  Everyone’s got their opinions on what works best, what gear to use, what type of portraits to take, and what to blog about to keep yourself fresh and up to date.  I am submerged in social media half of my day, every day it seems, and by the time I lay my head down on my pillow at night I often feel deflated.

However, this self-doubt just drives me and pushes me to do better, become more inspired;

and ultimately to be my own.

The worse thing you can do in this industry, I’ve learned, is compare.  Not only does comparing lead you down the unforgiving road of copy-cat photography, it squashes inspiration and passion and takes away the excitement of the adventure.  For me though, it’s so hard to steer clear of envy and desire.  Envious of those gorgeous light ridden studios and seemingly endless amounts of props.  Envious of clever blog postings and 1,000’s of followers.  Envious of the golden Californian light west coast photographers get year-round.  Envious of picture perfect family lives and bi-yearly get aways.  It’s easy to do.

At the same rate, it’s a fantastic challenge to constantly change my own outlook and be grateful for the inspiration, and opportunity to be amongst the creative minds in this industry.  To learn from them and grow into my own.

I have been thinking a lot lately about where I want my business to be in five, ten, fifteen years.  I’m the type of person who if a Charley Chapman short was played out of my personality would probably spend the entire 15 minutes on a ladder, climbing climbing climbing.  I have this desire inside me to be anything but stagnant, to keep moving in a positive direction.  I love setting goals and dreaming.  On the flip side, I tend to spread myself too thin.  So I think I have ultimately come to understand that I just can’t do it all.  While I will continue to set my sights high, swim in social media and learn from the thousands of industry peers that do things better/different/ideally, I am making a conscious effort not to compare.  To just do me.

I have read a lot about blogging this passed month and different ideals about what is right and wrong for your business.  Of course, there is a million and one different opinions on the matter.  Some believe a photography/business blog should be 100% professional–business only.  Some believe a 70-30 mix of professional and personal. And some believe 50-50.  While I value the opinions and agree with many of them, I say, what about 50/50 one week and 100% the next?  Black and white.  I don’t do well without color.

I like to talk to you about my personal life, and I like to share pictures from my professional life–as well as inspiring and introducing new ideas, concepts, and projects to ya’ll.  I like to think that, when searching for a photographer, you are doing just that.  Searching for a photographer.  You are looking for someone you can relate to, talk to, and enjoy during your time with them.  Someone you are comfortable with and who makes you comfortable.  If I just posted about my photographs and technical jargon you’d only be getting 20% of my business.  I like to believe that sharing glimpses of my personal life, and my own day-to-day is more inviting.

And so, I am starting a new blog series called ‘my own’.   I want to share pieces of my own life, but I don’t want to take away from the professionalism of my business.  It might not be every Monday, but at least I will try to limit it to this.  We’ll see how it goes; I hope you enjoy it.

Today, since I’ve already been so long winded, I think I’ll just share some insta-love with ya’ll…

A highlight from this weekend, that touched my heart was when my husband finally got to introduce his girl to his best friend and meet their little one.  He is such a proud dad, and it did the soul good to hear him talk to Adam about what they do for the little ones.  Parker and Tessa were exhausted and ready for bed, so they didn’t enjoy it as much, but it was enjoyable for the rest of us.  We were excited to have Tessa meet Parker, as Parker sent Tessa her very first Valentine….

Happy Monday ya’ll!


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