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My Own: Tessa’s First Birthday Party

It’s a lonely Monday here at the Hansen household.  Remnants of a rainy Sunday linger in our home, amongst the aftermath of a successful party and a plethora of home improvements.  We are coming down from a whirlwind couple of months; from packing up our old house, to moving into this one, to unpacking, to completing a complete kitchen overhaul (amongst many other projects), planning a party, and having my mom and dad here for several weeks.  Today is sort-of a solemn day, and I’m sad my parents have left (I may have begged my husband to call in sick) (he didn’t), but it is kind of nice not to have an agenda today.  Tess is really digging the normalcy; she has been a rockstar with the craziness since June.   It’s funny though, she TOTALLY knew that this past Saturday was for HER.  And on Sunday she woke up and went right to her new toys, and again this morning.  Squealing with glee, as if to say “look mom, isn’t this awesome!?!?”

This past Saturday we had her first birthday party.  It was an emotional day for me.  I totally had a grocery store breakdown when my husband and I got balloons–I said thank you to the balloon lady after she made our helium bundles through tears and gasps and worked really hard to compose myself as we drove home.  I couldn’t pin point a reason for the emotions.  But they were there.  I think there was an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and gratefulness for many reasons.  But mostly because in so many ways, this day was a dream come true for me.

It was a GORGEOUS day and we had a great turn out.  I am so grateful to all that made came to help make this day special for us.  And a huge shout out to my dad for being willing to take the camera and get some great shots when I couldn’t.  I really wanted to be present, and enjoy the day first person instead of behind the lens.  I wish I’d gotten more family photos, but you can’t have it all.

Enjoy 🙂



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