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My Own: When the dust settles

Last night, I fell asleep in the shower. Standing up. I never considered that a physical ability of mine, but to my surprise, I can mark that off my non-existant bucket list.  You know those dreams you have where you feel like your about to fall,  and just as you loose your footing your jerked awake.  That’s what it was like, but I was really falling.  Impressive right??

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at the Hansen household. We’ve been lucky enough to get some family time the last couple weekends, but today we are taking a day to breathe, regroup, refocus, and appreciate our little lives.  This past week we had an emotional ride of ups and downs, and it was topped by a weekend of just the same.   It’s funny how lucky you feel when the highs are high, and how grateful you are when the lows are low.  I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting this past week and keep thanking my lucky stars for such a beautiful life.  It’s so important to me, in times of real hardship to look beyond the dust and discomfort and remember everything that I am so happy about.  So lucky for.  My husband has heard me say “exactly one year ago we were….” or “do you remember when….” probably about 900 times this week, but to me, that’s what life is all about.  It’s the journey up those mountains and down those hills that make us the strong, determined, and warm hearted people we all are {in our own ways}.   While we came out unscathed, and really with no real hardship in the past couple weeks, the emotions were our biggest battle.   Much like my shower experience, life gives us these little bumps to jump to jerk us into reality and forces us to look beyond our little lives, and appreciate the bigger picture.

And when the dust settles we all have to realize just how lucky we are–because it can always be worse.


Speaking of lucky, I’m gearing up and buckling up for the crazy fall photo season, (so if you are thinking about doing photos this fall let me know ASAP, I have very few openings left!) but am really excited about it.  I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE the changing of seasons.  But seriously, who doesn’t LOVE fall? (I do, and I wrote about it here). To be honest though, I’m just going to throw it out there–I’m not a fan of pumpkin flavored anything–I’m an apple girl.

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