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My prize!

It’s the best when a package arrives at your doorstep unexpectedly.  In my house, it’s not abnormal to have quite a few packages arrive throughout the week due to Ryan’s side job (or what he calls hobby—that’s a whole different post in itself).  However, when packages arrive for myself, its like CHRISTMAS!

While the effect wasn’t as strong as it may have been in the summer months due to back-to-back Christmas and Birthday celebrations I still couldn’t resist the urge to hurry run into the kitchen and knife it open with no real poise.  You’Id think I’d have learned my lesson by now, after the number of sliced fingers and paper cuts I have encountered while savagely opening packages that I find on my doorstep–but I haven’t.  Today I dropped a knife, pointy side down right into my toe.  Ouch.

I quickly forgot about my bleeding toe when I opened up my package from The Youngrens, that I won during their Christmas give-away series.  {sigh} I love them.  It’s like the condition young girls are stricken with when they fall in love with the teen heart throb of the century.  At least I’d assume this is the feeling–I was never into heart throbs.  (Though I remember feeling fondly for the boy that played Casper in the real life version.)

Anyway, check out their site.  Their PRE-T ahMaZing.  Also, my stinkin’ adorable prizes were made by Cute and Unique, which I might add is quite simply perfect as well!

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