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New Year, new me?

I’ve never been one for making New Year Resolutions or making ‘bucket lists’ but I think it might be time to start.  2011 is going to mark a year of growth, firsts, and happiness for me. I no longer am tethered down by social stigmas or fake expectations and I’m all about personal growth {always have been} so I think it’s about time I set goals and make resolutions, and–wait for it…–actually STICK TO THEM!  I think though, I work better thinking of these things as goals.  I’m a goal person.  If I have a goal it takes a lot of effort to keep me from it, not that I will always get there in the perfect and desirable way, but I usually get there.  Also, I don’t intend to make goals that are beyond reach.  I don’t do good with numbers, so I am not going to give myself amounts, or time limits. I’m not a number person.  I’m terrible at math.  I won’t do it.  While my goals may seem mundane and maybe even a little too lucid, they are my goals nonetheless.

Here they are:

1. Keep my work flow organized and my workload manageable. Do a better job cataloging pictures.

2. Step out of my comfort zone as much as possible.

3.  Take more pictures.

4.  Read more books. I know I said I wouldn’t do numbers but seriously, {Read more than once a month}.  Read books that I want to read.  Inversely, hopefully I won’t watch as much TV.

5.  Work out/exercise more regularly.  Cook more fresh food meals.

6.  Blog.  Post regularly, stay interesting {hah!}.

7.  Paint my nails more regularly.

8.  Plan the wedding of my dreams, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

9.  Enjoy my wedding day.

10. Take time to appreciate everything I have.

In lui of goal number 3, I have taken the correct first steps.  Santa was good to me, and so was  I was like a kid in the candy store ordering things here and there.  To help me acheive my goal I bought some books AND some new sleek bookshelves!  Some of my favorite blog authors have noted books here and there and when I’d hear of one that interested me I’d email it to myself. I never bought any of them, because I never made time to read and didn’t want to spend the money, but like I said, Santa was good to me.

I didn’t want to keep myself locked into one genre, so I picked 8 books that appealed to me from various recommendations.  I love books.  I just bought 8 new books, and truthfully I probably have a good dozen laying around that I haven’t read yet, or have started reading and never finished.  It always seems to happen, where I will start a book with good intentions, and then forget about it, and when I go back to finish it, the bookmark mysteriously fell out–and it had been so long since I had last read it, I couldn’t even make an educated guess as to where I was in the story!

Now the problem occurs to me, I have no idea what to read first.  I’m not known for making decisions, {unless we are in a stressful/life threatening situation, then I’m your girl} and so I have just been sitting here looking at my pile trying to decide what to read first!  I have time.  I am currently finishing Understanding Exposure, by Bryan Peterson.  It’s a great read, for anyone.  Even if you know what you’re doing its very insightful to the author’s style of photography.  If you’re just starting out…pick it up, you’ll learn lots!

So, what should I read first?

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss

The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak

Awakening the Quieter Virtures, by Gregory Spencer

Engage, by Brian Solis

The CarbLovers Diet, by Ellen Kunes

Build your Mind, Your body will follow, by Vincent Cocilovo

Great House, by Nicole Krauss

  • jamie - I recommend hunger games – I haven’t heard of any of the others though. You should start going to your library if you are looking to read more. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to read but they set a lot of books of short stories or novellas on display 🙂ReplyCancel

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