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On being an Aunt

I’ve dreamt of the day.  A defining moment in my life that I’d for certain look back on and one day be saying “I remember when..” like an old shoe explaining to the un-entertained disconcerted growing mind that I love how fast they’ve grown.  How I remember the day they were born and how tiny and cute they were “what happened?!?!”

I’ve played over my future with kids in my mind since I was 9 or 10.  How when my brother had kids I’d be the Aunt they all run to for advice and reprieve, and when my sister finally has kids I’d certainly finally feel “old”.  I’ve rehearsed the sleepovers and holidays with kids more times than I can count;  and imagined all the educational but fun and unique trips I’d go on with them.

My parents gave us the best childhood.  Full of family, and friends.  Playdates, playgroups, crafts, vacations, camping and surprises.  And even though as life would have it, as time passed all of my aunts and uncles (and my own family) moved apart and forward with their lives I’ve never forgotten that feeling of love and closeness we had with them.  Of family.  I miss that.  I would love nothing more than to have all of my family within a two mile radius of me.  That would be amazing.  Too bad it’s about the exact opposite.

I’ve sort of tried to prepare myself for aunt-hood different than I’d hoped and imagined.  My family lives thousands of miles away and my in-laws are far enough away that we don’t see them as often as I’d hope.

What I wasn’t prepared for however, was how much I’d love these kids and knowing I’m their Aunt.  My brother adopted my first niece this year.  She has been in our lives, for what seems like forever,  but has only been about three years.  I’ve loved her since before I met her.  My mom would tell me stories, I’d see how happy she made my brother and I loved her.  I miss her when I’m home and can’t wait to see her when I’m visiting.  She’s the bees knees, ‘fer real.

But then two weeks ago my niece Olivia was born.  While I was over the moon for my brother and sister-in-law on the news of their pregnancy, I didn’t expect to feel like I had with my own brother’s kid.  We aren’t as close on that side of the family as I’d like; and not anything like my own family.  But the morning Olivia came into the world I was floored.  I was anxious for details and I couldn’t WAIT to meet her.  When I held her for the first time just hours after her birth all my plans came flooding back.  Looking at my own daughter, and then her, and knowing what I want for my daughter the drive home that night entailed my hubby listening to me lecturing him about how I refuse to let distance come in the way of our relationship with that baby.  I love her.

So many things about my job make me say “the best part of my job”…but now I know really there is only one BEST part.  And it’s not a part of the job, it’s just a kickback .  After I took photos of Olivia, I realized just how lucky I am to be able to be the keeper of these very special moments for all of my family. I get to document our history, and it’s pretty freaking awesome!

Anyway, check out my adorable niece Olivia just one week new (oh and her parents are pretty awesome too):

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