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If you follow me on social  media, (instagram, twitter, Facebook) you’ve likely seen some of my many posts about non-profits I am proud to be a part of.  I find myself giving more and more of my time to these organizations willingly, and I feel they have become a huge part of my identity.  So naturally, I want to talk about it.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I could or would give my time to something that didn’t pay me I’d probably would have said “I wish I could but I have no time for that!”  And then I started getting really involved in Box of Balloons and I could really see it going somewhere and being something and I LOVED the mission (seriously, I love throwing parties AND kids AND giving people stuff so it fits me perfectly) and I started realizing that the time I put in gave me so much back personally I began to want to make time for it.

I’ve always had dreams of donating money, and being super involved in homeless shelters and youth enrichment programs but never really had the opportunity given to me, nor the money to afford the kind of contributions I could feel good about; so when Box of Balloons fell on my lap I clenched on to that puppy as if it were my own!  It is simply amazing how complete I feel knowing that the few hours a week I put into Box of Balloons is really helping make a difference in the lives of children not only in my community but now in other states as well!

Box of Balloons

In the midst of getting the ball rolling with BOB (Box of Balloons), I was accepted into several other non profits related to my more professional life.  If you haven’t heard of The Tiny Footprints Project, you should check it out.  It is a national non-profitcomprised of a  group of photographers who are matched with local families to offer their services free of charge to parents of premature babies living in the NICU. The photographers capture the newborns earliest moments and are a part of the families precious beginnings.

Having lived through a NICU experience with my own daughter, this opportunity to give back couldn’t have fit any better into my life.  I know how much I cherish looking back at those moments when we felt so scared, excited, happy, sad, confused and feel so good about giving that same experience to families who also know what it’s like to live through NICU life.  If you ever know of anyone with a baby in the NICU, send them to The Tiny Footprints Project.  They have photographers throughout the country ready to help!

The Tiny Footprints Project

The most challenging part of being involved in these organizations, running my own business, and being a stay-at-home mom has been balancing my time.  Feeling like my priority was home and work and that charity was extra.  And while it is, it has quickly become work to me as well.  Over the winter months, I meditated on just this.  And I decided that while home-life is always number 1, my work life can be balanced in many different directions.  It may mean that a session will take a day longer to turn around, or I may be able to take one or two less sessions a month, but I have faith that you, my wonderful clients and fans, will understand.  I value my relationship with everyone of my clients, and I 100% believe that a quick turn-around time is of utmost importance for your satisfaction, but at the same time, if someone for one of my non-profits needs me and it makes my turn around time 3 days instead of two you’ll get it right?  Good.  That’s why I love ya’ll!


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