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Pinspiration: shaving cream dyed Easter eggs

While my mom and niece visited, we decided to dye some eggs, which I was totally stoked about because it had been so long since I got to enjoy this tradition.  It was sortof an impromptu venture–we made a quick run into the grocery store to get some eggs, when my mom remembered seeing this shaving cream idea on pintrest.  (That’s right, my mom rocks out pintrest.)  So we grabbed some shaving cream along with our eggs (and famous amos cookies and almond joys),  and set out on an egg dying adventure–from memory (because pulling out my iPad, and following the pintrest directions seemed like too much work at the time).

This was the original pin:

shaving cream


Ours didn’t turn out as pretty, but if I did it again, (and followed the instructions) I think they probably would.  It was really fun for my 7 year old niece too….


We started with some cheap shaving cream and dye that I had in my spice cabinet.  We thought the darker colors would turn out best, so we started with blue and red. storyboard003

storyboard001storyboard002We had Kayla squirt some shaving cream onto a piece of wax paper, and scatter a few drops of dye around…..then we told her to swirl them.  (I think we over-swirled).storyboard004Due to the over-swirling…we added some new colors.  We then had Kayla roll some eggs around in the shaving cream until they were completely covered.  We then just let them sit for about an hour or so.storyboard005Perhaps her favorite part was the pink and blue hands that came out of the wash….storyboard006After we waited for the dye to penetrate, we washed off the shaving cream and voila!

They are really pretty–I’m looking forward to trying that again!!


Hope your pinspired!

  • Karen - This was a lot of fun! I couldn’t get the blue, purple or green to stain the shell though. So I had lots of pink & purple. 🙂 I think my daughter had more fun playing in the shaving cream when we were done! Now she’s soaking in the tub, hoping to fade the dye stained hands! Lol. Her hands may match her fuchsia dressing Easter! I’m assuming that the eggs will still be edible?ReplyCancel

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