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Product: Lifestyle Management?

If you are like my fiance’ just the thought of being on a “program” is enough to make you stop reading this post and go and grab the box of cheezits in protest.  I’ll admit, I don’t believe being on a weight loss “diet” is necessarily the best way to manage your health.  However, as much as I hate to start it, and have started and stopped MANY times, weight watchers has got something on everyone else.

It really teaches portion control if nothing else, and having been on and off again so often in my short life, an undeniable ‘point’ calculator has taken habitat in my brain.  Granted…it doesn’t stop me from grabbing the 50 point candy bar or making the 10-point-a-piece  pizza; however it has always come through for me when I again became desperate.

They advertise not as a diet program but a lifestyle change.  It isn’t difficult if your committed.  And if you do what they say, you WILL lose weight.  That’s why I always go back.  There’s nothing like seeing the numbers drop on the scale….ESPECIALLY when your wedding is in the wings!

I’m not really a bandwagon person, but I’ll admit, the past two New Year’s I have jumped on the New Year-New You wagon and this year I am really determined, and my soon-to-be-hubby promises me he is too….

So, I’d like to share with you two products, and in honor of the New Year I’ve got one that is “old” to me and one that is “new”.   I’m not necessarily going to toss out the old and ring in the new–I’m just not getting rid of the old 🙂

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers has really changed in the last ten years (yes, I have been on and off the program for over ten years people).  While I don’t feel my inability to commit is a reflection of the program as much as it is myself, the great thing about weight watchers is that if you need that someone to help you stay committed you can go to meetings and make connections with people just like you.  If you are some one like me, and you’d rather just do it on your own…they have   Here you get all the benefits of going to meetings, you just have to keep track of your weight yourself and take the initative to discover everythign through their site.

I like Weight Watchers because it keeps up with any research out there and is always trying to improve the program to make it easier on you to ensure your success.  And like I said, its just overall easy if you are committed!

Until March 12, 2011 you can join the newest program on and get all of the online perks for a three month commitment of $53.85.  This is awesome because it waives the $30  sign up fee!!  I’m considering joining again because they have recently updated the program, and I have heard wind that you can eat all the fruits and veggies you want!!

Check out to get the deal!! Let me know how it goes!


I have recently been enlightened to this new (to the Madison area) gym. I haven’t been yet, but I have an appointment to go January 10th.   It is called 9round, and its essentially a kickboxing/martial arts 1/2 hour workout with a trainer, whenever you want to go!  There are 9 different “stations” that you workout at for a quick three minutes, with some sort of slow cardio inbetween each round to total a 1/2 hour workout.

It is either $50 a month, or $99 initiation fee and then $30 a month for unlimited workouts.

I am intrigued because it sounds like the trainers get to know you, they are always there, and they are willing to kick your butt!  If you are like me, you need that little extra push by someone who knows what they are doing to really get excited about working out!

I think this is a great alternative to a gym membership because it is a full body workout, with a trainer.  There are no obligations or contracts, and in my case, I can still do all the cardio I want at home when I’m done at 9round!

I’ll let you know how it goes!  Check it out:

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