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Project Pinspiration: Cinnamon Roll Waffles

I’m in a caring mood right now, so let me warn you…if you are hungry, on a sugar-free diet, or unable to obtain ingredients necessary for a delectable treat, then by all costs, avoid this post!!

We LOVE cinnamon rolls in this house.  Heck, who are we kidding, anything covered in sweetness (namely icing) will be eaten (mainly by me).   So when I saw this pin on pintrest, I knew I had to try it for a fun change up to our special treat!  [we don’t eat cinnamon rolls very often, so it makes them even yummier!] Here is the original post, you’ll see what I mean:

 {Picture courtesy of The Daily What.  Pinspiration courtesy of Little Bit Fun.}

If I’m being honest, making these waffles was an afterthought to getting the ingredients.  I had gotten the cinnamon rolls a few days before I made them.  There just happened to be a sale, and LAWD-HELP-ME when cinnamon rolls are on sale, you’ll find them in my cart!

My husband wasn’t as thrilled about this endeavor as I was.  But it made my heart sing, because I could just imagine how fun it would be and what a lovely memory it’d make for my children when they are old enough to appreciate it.  I know I would have loved it–something new, something exciting, something inventive, something mommy.  I just picture my kid growing up with their own loves and saying, “when I was little my mom used to make cinnamon rolls into waffles,” with a little smirk of delight and reminiscence.   Yep, these are the places my mind goes, can’t help it.

We are trying to learn to improve our lifestyle in this house, (as I mentioned here), so for years now we have been buying the Reduced Fat cinnamon rolls.  I think they are still delectable and really half the calories compared to some of the types you can get.  In weight watchers language, I think they are about 5 points each…not bad.

In any-case, the beauty of this recipe, this is all you need: A waffle maker, and a package of cinnamon rolls…any type will do.

Next, spray your waffle maker if you need to with some non-stick spray and place 3 rolls on the grill.  You could probably get away with 4 if you are using the RF type because they don’t expand too much.  However if you are using a different type of roll, you may want to experiment with 3 first.

Next, close the waffle maker and cook it the normal amount of time you’d cook a waffle.  (My waffle maker beeps when it’s done.) When they are finished open up the waffle iron and see what you get!

 I got extra excited because it looked like a heart, and this one was for hubby. (he didn’t notice..or care.)

Finally, take it out of the iron and cover it with the icing prepared for you in the container….

And..voilà! A fun, new, and yummy way to eat your normal boring (but yummy) cinnamon rolls!  I really actually liked the texture and fluffiness they had as well, really similar to a really good waffle!!

Enjoy!!  Be Pinspired!!

PS.  I’d like to give a shout-out to spell check for constantly correcting my misspelling of cinnamon. (<——–thanks again)

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