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Project Pinspiration: DIY wedding shower invites

I told ya’ll about my best friend’s wedding coming up this May (here), and as the days fly by we are inching closer and closer to the shower myself, her mom, and the other bridesmaids are throwing her.  So I finally got out invitations to all of the friends and family she wanted to invite, and I kind-of love them!  I was a little nervous about how they’d be received, but I have gotten so much positive feedback on them, I just wanted to share!

My main inspiration for these was budget.  I sent out save-the-dates for the shower via shutterfly with a promotional gift card that I received when I did my baby registry, so I saved $20 on those and they are cheaper to begin with but when it came to ordering the actual invites, I had a hard time swallowing $1.75-$2.99 per invite excluding the stamp!  So I made a little trip to Michaels and found some excellent deals with this pin from pintrest in mind:

{photo courtesy of Two Butterflies}

I was pleasantly surprised when I found the pink cards in packs of 8 for only $1.  I knew I had to get them.  I had 50 invitations to send out, so I got 7 packs . ($7!) The doily’s only cost about $2 and I had the pink ribbon (but I bought an extra for $1 just incase).

For the front of the cards, all I had to do was fold the doily in half and cut the dress silhouette for all 50 cards.  I’m a big fan of winging-it so I did.  But the original pin (above) had a more detailed description for that part.  I found I could triple the doilies and cut and the process went really fast.  I then tied 50 bows (not so fast an easy, but worth it).  Then I hot glued the dress on the card, and the bow on the dress.

I didn’t really know what I was going to do for the inside.  I hate my handwriting, and didn’t really want to write out 50 invitations.  I had some vellum paper left over from my wedding, so I thought I’d use that and hope to get inspired.  I opened up good ‘ole photoshop and made a little diddy, printed it on vellum, and put it in the card.  However, I didn’t like how plain it looked all by itself.  When I was at the store one day I got inspired by a big container of pink glitter on sale for $3!  (glitter+sales=perfection)

I went home and cut out a template of the dress shape from the front of the card into a piece of cardboard, pulled out my old can of spray glue and viola!

Because the vellum paper I printed on is see-through I thought it’d make a really cool visual effect having the pink dress in the background.

Oh, by the way, a theme for the shower is PINK…..  (Hence all the pink!)

Eat, pink, and be married.

Once all the glitter dresses were dry, I adhered the vellum over them with some scrapbook cubes so that it was a little elevated over the dress.

In total I estimate I spent about $.40 a card, plus postage!  It did take me the better part of a day to make them all..but I enjoyed it!

I hope this inspires you!!

Have you done any projects recently? Leave some love and tell me about them!!

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