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Puttin’ on the blinders, fer real!

Our house is in disrepair again, as we decided to tackle a DIY kitchen makeover before my daughter’s birthday party on August 10th, so we decided to test the waters and eat out in our new town the other night.  A fantastic Greek place was recommended to us, and though it is totally out of my comfort zone to try new food styles, I was excited to finally try a [chicken] Gyro.  It was fantastic. However, on the short trip over, I couldn’t help but notice the FOUR yes FOUR photography studios within a mile of each other.  Uhhhhhh.

I’d be lying if I said I never had moments of self-doubt (albeit frequently lately) but if I hadn’t been having them before, I was certainly having an internal battle with myself that night, while I enjoyed my Gyro, and my baby decided to decorate their floor with bread and cucumber sauce.

It’s the hardest thing about this business–hands down. Comparison, doubt, and maintaining self-confidence.  It probably doesn’t help that right after dinner, I couldn’t get home to google these studios, and facebook friend them immediately!  My newsfeed is a constant roll of fabulous photography and blog posts.  I love the simplicity of getting the latest greatest photog trends and being constantly inspired–but if you aren’t in the right mind frame it’s just as easy to use Facebook to beat yourself up.  I’m often left wondering how people grew at such a rapid pace, if I’ll ever be as good as my idols, and why I can’t find locations as awesome.

However, I am proud to finally be in a place to say that I know that I AM good at what I do.  I am confident in my ability and while I ALWAYS get nerves before a job, they are 80% excitement and 20% worried-ness (about uncontrollable circumstances).

I have been doing this seriously for four years and while I have always felt my growth was slow at progressing, I can CERTAINLY see it now.  It’s so encouraging to look back at the past and compare it to where I am today.  I always need to remind myself that it’s not about me comparing myself to others, its just about comparing myself to myself.

One of the most frustrating things for me was the lack of time I had to spend on my business when I started until this year.  Between working a full time job, going to school, and this, I could never put the time and energy I wanted and knew I needed to into my growth and skills.  I finally feel like I have more time for that and I love it.

Here are some comparisons of my work–



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