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A competition with myself…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had entered this big world-wide photo contest and that I had been notified that I had made the top 100 best photos.  As always, you all were so sweet in sharing in my enthusiasm.  Several of you have even been following up wondering which photo and what the final results are.  I love you for that!

The results have finally been tallied and while I wasn’t a prize winner, I’m still pretty happy with the growth I’ve seen in my work from last year to this one.  Last year, I had two photos place in the top 20% and one in the top 30%–but there was about 100,000 fewer photos submitted and over a million less votes.  The competition grew A LOT this year.  What I like about this competition is that anyone in the world can vote.  The photos with the most votes, win.  That means industry peers, moms, dads, kids, grandparents and friends are the judges.  225,000 photos submitted from 120 different countries 33 MILLION votes cast.

I submitted a couple photographs to a couple different categories–mostly family and kids.  One of them came in 29th place out of 13,289 photos in the family category!  My other best was in the top 10% out of 18,329 photos in the toddler/kids category!  The rest, as you can see below placed in the top 20-30%.

To me, this competition is just about learning more about myself and seeing my growth.  It’s also interesting to see the rest of the photos submitted and see what people are loving and what is over done etc.  It always always always boils down to emotion it conveys, the story it tells and the genuineness it exudes.  Sometimes those things get lost in the quest to make a great picture or capture a specific idea.  I love being reminded to keep it real.

Anyway, check out my entries and where they landed below–quite a few of you will recognize yourselves I’m sure!


This adorable shot was top 10% out of 18,329 photos in the toddler/kids category…


This guy made it to the top 100–29th place out of 13,289 photos…


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