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It never fails; as soon as the sun pokes through the clouds for hours at a time, children’s laughter begins to emerge and mud begins to evolve.  It is one of the best times of the year–and the tension of the anticipation of summer fills the air and everyone begins to stir.  When you begin seeing brave soles bearing shorts for a run in 40 degree weather you too, can’t help but want to do something festive of spring!

I decided to celebrate the beginning of the thaw by making the perfect spring craft.  I’m so in love with her, she is the cutest little rabbit–needless to say, I am way into felting as well.  It creates such a cool texture and makes such warm crafts.


For this project you will need:
1  egg shaped styrofoam ball for body
2 smaller egg shaped styrofoam balls for feet and arms (cut in half)
2 two inch styrofoam ball for tail and head
1 one inch Styrofoam ball for hands, (cut in half)
Different color felt squares to your liking, for dress, carrots, and shirt decor
White wool roving, and felting supplies for body
Colored wood roving, and felting supplies for sleeves
2 small black brads
1 bigger pink brad
fabric glue
two flower shaped buttons

To assemble:
~ Cut smaller egg shaped styrofoam in half lengthwise for feet and arms.
~ Cover and felt the body, head, tail, feet and hands with white wool roving.
~ Make two ears by felting white roving into desired shape and attach to head.
~ Cover the arms with colored roving as desired.
~ Put toothpicks in the bottom of arms to attach hands, top of feet to attach to body, tail to attach to butt, and top of body to attach head. (Dip in glue for extra security)
~ Assemble bunny
~ Cut a strip from felt thick enough to cover bunny body plus two inches, using a wavy stroke
~Cut desired flower pattern from felt to attach to dress, and sew together using the flower button as an anchor.
~Attach flower to dress where desired.
~ Two inches from top, sew a thread across so you can pull it together and make collar at top, and attach dress to bunny by tightening it around the neck.
~After pulling thread taught around bunny’s neck, tie it tight to secure dress, and fold down collar as desired.
~make carrots as desired
~Place brads for eyes and nose.
~Put a little blush on ears and cheeks as desired.
~use blu

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