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Stoughton Country Club wedding {Mr. & Mrs. Bellin}

Stoughton wedding photography

Katie and Matt were made for each other.  They totally work like ying and yang.  Katie is soft and sweet, she has it all together.  Gentle, kind and outwardly serious.  But Matt..he makes her laugh.  Really, they make each other laugh.  Through the goofy moments and compassionate kisses however, everyone around them can see that their love is true.

Their wedding day was perfect.  I met Katie at their home, where she got dressed and ready to go meet her groom and then we made our way over to the Stoughton Country Club where the wedding and reception would take place.

Matt and Katie chose to do a first look, and it was so fun!  They each stood on opposite sides of a big oak tree and read letters they wrote to each other before turning to take their first look. SO sweet!  It may be my favorite one yet.  I love it when my clients choose to see each other before their ceremony so we can have plenty of time to get some awesome photos of them and their wedding party.  In this case, it allowed Katie and Matt to enjoy almost their entire cocktail party before the reception.  AWESOME.

It was such a fun day; belly laughs were had, tears were shed and memories were made.  I am so glad you chose me to capture your day!  I loved loved loved working with you two, Katie and Matt, and your family and friends were pretty awesome too!

Stoughton Wisconsin Wedding

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