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The 80’s rocked, ‘fer real


This past weekend I helped host a little bachelorette shin-dig for my BFF.  Instead of going out and partying, we decided to bring the party to us…80’s style.  It was pretty amazing.   We had a blast dancing to 80’s music, krimping our hair, and representing neons, off the shoulder shirts, bangle earrings, fanny packs and hotttt leg warmers.  This was a great way to spend a fun evening in, celebrating the bride-to-be in the decade she was born.

I was only 6 when the 90’s rolled around, but man the 80’s sure knew what they were doing.  Who wouldn’t love bright colors, perms, gaudy jewelry, and jean jackets year round?  And seriously, why did the fanny-pack go out of style…those things are handy!!  ‘Fer real yo!






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