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The Crafty Project

There’s a few things that will probably always hold true at the heart of me:

I love supporting small business.

I love crafting and creating.

I love entertaining/hosting get togethers…especially if it means mama’s can get out for a while.

I love decorating the space in where I live.

Really, I love them all.  Those are things that I think any of my closest friends could tell you about me even an acquaintance that might have only known me for a short time.  It’s a part of what makes me, me.  So when I heard about The Crafty Project, I knew that I just had to host a party!

I invited a bunch of moms/friends that are a part of a playgroup I help organize here in Sun Prairie.  It didn’t take long for a bunch of wonderful ladies to get on board and get excited about making an awesome board to hang in their homes.

Once my invite list was finalized, about a month before the party, Jenny (the owner of The Crafty Project) contacted everyone with all the information we needed to order our perfect board.  My favorite thing about the process is that you  could choose ANYTHING you wanted to put on the board and she’d make it happen.  You get to choose the size of your board, the color of your board and the design.  The day of, you get to choose all your paint colors too!  I ended up seeing two ideas I liked and we merged them into one, and I love the way my board turned out!  (Mine is “Home is where the heart is”)

On the day of the party, Jenny showed up to my house extremely organized and prepared in every way.  She set up my dining room beautifully and as my guests arrived, they all commented on how wonderful the presentation was.  Everything we needed to make our boards look amazing was provided–along with Jenny’s expertise!

It took us about 2 1/2 hours (and lots of snacks and treats 😉 ) to complete our boards.  By the time I saw everyone back to their cars, Jenny had everything cleaned up and packed into the garbage bag she brought (like I said, totally prepared!)  Everyone was really happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to do it again!

I highly recommend The Crafty Project for anyone looking for a new and fun activity to do for any reason: bachelorette, shower, birthday, celebration, anything!


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