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The obligatory New Year post.

Weddings and babies, houses and family, parenting highs and parenting lows, good times and bad times.  Yep, that about sums up 2013 for me.  Probably the best year of my life to date–my heart just bursts when I look back at this passed year and I am beside myself happy to know that the best is yet to come! But really, where did it go?!?!

2013 was my first year strictly “working from home” and taking care of my little one.  When we made the decision to have me quit my hospital job and stay home with our daughter, I think we were both a little unsure of how it’d go.  Where we’d be a in week, let alone year from my official termination date–which was only a little over a year ago.  I have been floored with the outreach, excitement, and encouragement I have received from my clients. I’m so proud of my growth and direction and have often surprised even myself.  My goal for 2013 (business wise)? SURVIVE.  Not only did I accomplish that, I surpassed my unspoken goals and have been reinvigorated with new hope, excitement, inspiration and confidence.  Now I know infact, yes, I CAN do this.  And I can’t wait 😉

2014 is bringing a few small changes to KSP.  After doing a bunch of research and talking to many of you, I have decided to get rid of the CD and use a USB flashdrive for delivering your images.  Many laptops etc. no longer have CD drives, and they will soon be obsolete–so flash drive it is!  Also, to account for the cost of them, and to now take into account new business costs etc. I have to raise my prices a little bit.  The new prices will be posted on my website shortly.  Please remember, when you book with KSP, you get 100% of my effort and talent in your images along with your online gallery, ordering options, and EVERY SINGLE IMAGE I edit, delivered to you for you to do as you please.  This is what makes me different from many other photographers.  You get a great selection of edited images delivered right to your doorstep with full printing rights.  To me, it is important that YOU own your images.  I put my heart into them, and it would be a shame to have them just sitting on my hard drive!

As always, thank you a million times from every facet of my heart for your continued support and love.  (Oh, and thank you for all the FABULOUS Christmas cards this year–they were amazing!!)  Don’t forget, March is client appreciation month!!!

Here’s a look back at what 2013 had in store for KSP………


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