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Verona Family Photographer: Provan family

I met Charlotte for the very first time, inside her mommy’s belly!  I have been thrilled to watch this little darling grow–as I have now captured her newborn, 6 month, and now 1 (and a half) year portraits!!   We had scheduled a session back in October for Charlottes one year photos, but life happened, and MY little one decided to come early.  Sarah and Alex were so understanding and graciously rescheduled for this past weekend.

It was sort of a gloomy rainy day but we were able to sneak outside during some clear skies and enjoy the view.  And Charlotte…she REALLY enjoyed it.  This little one is a ball of energy and non-stop on-the-goedness.  (yes, I just made up a word, deal.)   I had a ton of fun chasing her around and watching her interact with mom and dad.  She made it clear from the very beginning this photo session would be done on HER terms–not ours–and that’s how I like it.  I love getting the candid shots of little ones as they explore the environment around them and just–well–just be kids!!

Sarah and Alex, it has truly been a pleasure working with you the past couple years and I look forward to capturing many more memories for you in the future.  Charlotte is so precious, I hope you enjoy her spunk as much as I did!!


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