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Vivian is ONE || KSP studio session

I can hardly believe this little peanut is already ONE!  I feel like I just took her newborn pictures…like, yesterday!  She is such a little bundle of happiness and love, its hard not to just smile when your around her, and the fact that she is somewhere in-between the size of a ‘typical’ three to six month old it really just makes you want to SQUEEZE HER!

Vivian was born with Turner Syndrome.  A chromosomal condition that occurs in 1/2000 live female births.  This means, that she is simply missing an X chromosome–in result, there are some physical anomolies associated with the syndrome as well as some physiological.  One of them, is a growth impediment and or short stature in general.  Hence, this sweet peanut’s size!  (If you’d like to learn more about Turner Syndrome, please visit–knowledge is power!)

I was so happy to have them over to my new in-home studio to capture some images of this point in her journey!  I initially intended for the studio to be a better solution to newborn photos than going on-location, but quickly interest grew and Wisconsin winters really pushed me in this direction.  So here we are–in the studio–what was once a spare 10×12 bedroom in my basement–making memories!!


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