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Waiting on Mia


“Growing up” is so weird.  It’s something we dream about and make predictions for our entire youth, only dreaming of the way life will turn out.  Really with no real idea of what it is to take on the responsibilities of the world…work, bills, babies, death, social norms, happiness, sadness…reality.  And then one day, we are ‘adults’ and 20 years old quickly turns to 30, and suddenly you have a family and obligations and twenty thing pulling you in different directions and you realize, “I guess I’m a grown-up now.”

It’s funny though, I don’t feel any older.  I mean, I am much smarter now; I know who I am, and have gained much more wisdom and confidence in life.  But who am I kidding…I still feel like the ‘totally rad’ teenager rebelling by going shirtless under my band uniform with a temporary glitter tattoo on my chest that screamed “help me!”  And I’m pretty sure it’s still acceptable to have sleepovers on a big trampoline under the stars and order pizza for breakfast the next morning after we showered with a hose and my mom’s expensive shampoo.

Having babies, that’s a game changer.  It strips needs and desires from yourself and suddenly your baby is all that matters.  This is my best friend Jenn.  She’s expecting her first baby this May, and I couldn’t be happier for her.  She’s put together this beautiful nursery and looks amazing in her 8th month of pregnancy, just waiting for little Mia.  I’m so grateful I got to visit this month and share in this special time of her life.  But it’s weird.  I really feel like all the sudden I’m old.  Like, okay, I’m a grown up now.  My brothers have had babies, several other friends have, and now my best friend is going to be welcoming hers.  It’s a strange thing, this getting older.

I love this time in a woman’s life.  The waiting, expecting, anticipation.   Nursery prep, the “when the baby comes..” plans.  Seeing that little being float around inside the belly as it kicks to stretch out.  It’s really really awesome.  And girlfriend, you were made to be pregnant!!  I hope the last few weeks of baby-growing goes as well as the first many and the rest of the welcoming experience is everything you want it to be.  Thanks for letting me do my thing, and putting up with my photo-taking obsession.  I can’t wait to meet little Miss Mia 🙂

  • Abbey - Love love love how Jenn has decorated the baby room! So cool that you and your little got to go spend time with her before she has her own. 🙂 Hope she’s doing well!ReplyCancel

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