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Appelton Wisconsin Newborn Photographer {Zoe}

It’s sessions like these that, when I get in my car to drive home afterwards leave me feeling humbled, refreshed, excited and aching for more!  It’s so special to be welcomed into someone’s home with a brand new baby in their arms, but when it’s for people of which I’ve seen several times before for almost equally as special moments it becomes THAT much MORE exciting.  I do this for such moments.

Jason and Susan asked me to photograph their wedding a few years back, where I felt so welcomed and had so much fun capturing their love.  That story continued when I met them this spring to take maternity photos, and then again earlier this month to meet their precious baby girl.  There aren’t really any words to explain exactly how AWESOME this is to me.  To be able to watch families grow, and see amazing people love each other, and then become parents for the first time, from the outside.

I know I only get to see people for brief moments in time, but creating images to hold still the times they cherish is why I do what I do. Because in 20, 30, 100 years somebody will stumble upon these moments and cherish them as if they were their own.  That’s where my passion for photography grew from–stumbling upon my own loved ones moments from times before my own–and I am humbled to be able to do the same for others.

Thank you Susan and Jason for welcoming me into your home and lives for the past few years.  Zoe couldn’t be more perfect, and with style and grace like her momma’s I’m sure she will always be just that!  My wishes for nothing but happiness and health for you and your little one, and I hope to see you guys again soon!!

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And just because I love feline friends….here are Zoe’s feline siblings making sure she’s okay!

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