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Month six.

21/52: Vintage.



Always moving, exploring, jumping and reaching for the next adventure. Her hopes move beyond her ability but in her mind, she is the next prima-ballerina.



23/52-Guilty Pleasures

Ice cream, cell phone use that is not work related, and watching the ‘most dramatic show on television’ so I can feel even better about my life.



1. lengthy and confused or inconsequential.

Because laundry.

Miles was one of the most chill, laid back babies with some equally awesome parents.  There is something about photographing first time parents with their new baby in their homes that makes me sooo happy.  Maybe its nostalgic for me, just remembering that feeling of ‘wow, we made this, this is OUR baby.’  And how seeing and remembering how quickly new parents learn that they are no longer in control.  Whatever it is, I just love it.