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Ice cream, sisters, and mom…summertime love.

I like to think that, when looking back, my children will always feel the freedom of summer when they get to swing by our favorite summertime hang out, Sassy Cow Creamery.  As soon as the warm weather is upon us, we are there weekly.  Anytime we are craving our favorite creamy cool treat, this is where you can find us.  So naturally, I have been aching to take pictures there!  I think its my new favorite photo location!

If you this is the first you’ve heard of this place, you’re missing out.  It is a family owned farm that makes their own milk and ice cream on site.  You can even watch them make the ice cream through the viewing windows in the front and the back of the shop!  Their flavors are always changing and SO yummy, and the atmosphere is unlike any other you’ll ever get ice cream, and so perfectly Wisconsin.  Be sure to check it out before summer is over!


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