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It will come again

I love spring.  Like, spiritually eat it up, spit it out, and then eat it up all over again love spring.  It’s such a refreshing time of year.  Everyone is excited about the changing weather, and the upcoming summer months.  People whip out their shorts and flip-flops prematurely because they just can’t wait to air out those wintery white-skinned toes, and signs of new life surround us.  (Oh, and of course, there is Easter candy.  My favorite kind.)

Come March here in Wisconsin, you can’t go in public or have a new conversation with someone forgetting to mention how sick they are of this gosh-darn winter weather.  “Doesn’t mother nature know it’s Spring for Pete’s sake?”  But as my husband likes to say:

“People, we live in Wisconsin.  Expect snow from November through March, and in October and April just keep your fingers crossed it stays away…that way you won’t be disappointed.”

It doesn’t make it much easier….I know.  And it really makes scheduling “spring time” photo sessions a difficult task.  But it’s true, and so I will just look forward to spring coming one day again.   Because it always will.

I did a little reminiscing of last year’s spring, and thought I’d share a little color for ya’ll.  Enjoy 🙂


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