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I’m so excited to have FINALLY overhauled my facebook page!!  Please head on over and check it out….

I added some fun new buttons so ya’ll now have easy access to my instagram feed, pintrest boards, and proofing webpage!! All you need it a facebook account…how cool is that?!?!  You can even contact me with the click of a button now too. Also, if you are a fan of ‘checking in’ to places or events, if you’re with me, you can check in!!

Most importantly though, from my perspective, I have now gained a “review” feature from facebook.  I would really love to hear from you all, fer real!! No matter the what its about, please leave me some love!!!  Let me show you how…

Here’s an overview of what it looks like:




If you look on the bottom right of that image, there is now a “recommendations” window, which allows you to write whatever you want, and rank me with 1-5 stars!  Here’s a closer look:




Please, if you enjoyed our time together and were happy with your images, write a review!!

Also, if you are like me habitually find yourself getting on facebook, I have made your life much easier!  You can now visit my blog, proof your images, or even contact me right through my facebook page!! Just click on my new button that corresponds to your needs!!! Look,


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