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Marshall Park Wedding, Madison Wisconsin {Mr. and Mrs. True}

It was such an honor to be a part of Katie and Matt’s wedding day.  It’s always refreshing to have a bride that is nervous, but completely laid back and go-with-the-flow.  In the same respect, I’m always a little nervous when my brides book me without meeting face-to-face and forgo the engagement session that I include with all my wedding packages.  Excitement about the first wedding of my season overtook any nerves I usually have the night before their big day, but walking up to the door to meet Katie before getting ready a wave of nerves overtook me.  I took and deep breath to calm the nerves, and knocked, and as soon as the door opened they went away.  I was greeted by the Jr. maid of honor, Maddy and I knew it would be a great day.  And it was.  We had to dodge spotty sun, and move a lot to stay warm but the sun was shining and the love that emulated from family and loved ones made it feel like a hot summer day.

Someone asked me recently what my favorite thing to shoot was, and I sort of laughed at myself, because every time I get done with a session I say “that is my favorite thing to shoot.”  But being put on the spot made me quickly thumb through my catalogue of photography moments, and the thing that always stands out to me is the wedding reception.  Family, kind words, emotions, joy, dancing, singing, silliness.  All the things that make life worth it.  Katie and Matt confirmed that for me.  Just how awesome family is.  I was blown away by the closeness and connections that Katie and Matt have with their close family and friends.  And when I say close, I mean, during the speeches I heard a guest lean over to another and say “man, should I be calling my family more?!”

I was truly humbled by the number of guests and family members whom thanked me, and offered me their kindness and go-get-em attitude without even have seen my work.  I’ve always believed that wedding photos were a number one priority when planning your day–the moments come and go, and memories begin to fade with time, but your pictures? Forever.  It was so nice to hear so many family members felt the same way.  I know these photos will be cherished, and that makes my heart sing.

Congratulations Matt, Katie, Brett and Maeve.  You four make a beautiful family, and I wish you many many more years of love and happiness!


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