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As I spent some time in my studio this morning prepping for this weekend’s sessions, I realized I’d never shared my naked studio with you all!  I feel like it might be helpful to be able to visualize the space when your preparing to decide which type of session is best for you!

My studio is simply a room in my home in Sun Prairie Wisconsin that we have dedicated to photo-taking.  I live in a ranch-style house with a finished basement-type area.  The room we converted is in the downstairs portion of our home.   Down there, along with the studio, we have a dedicated play space for children and a living room type area.  There is also a roomy bathroom down there.

I worried that the play area would be a little bit distracting for kiddos, but I have found that it has actually served as a great incentive for good behavior! It has also been nice for siblings who may not be the focus of the session. I have no problem letting the kids play to their hearts content when they aren’t getting their photos taken.  That’s what it’s there for!

Looking from the playroom area into the studio…


My temporary wall…I use this piece to create a cornered wall for dimension in family photos and portraits.



The short wall in the studio I built a pallet wall on (which I plan to finish this summer along with a more cohesive mobile floor).  There is also a large window that allows for a great amount of natural light.  The wall that the door is on is simply painted white and works great for the couch and other neutral feeling pictures.  I like to take family photos here too.



The other short wall of the studio is dedicated to my props and blankets.  In the open closet I also have a changing table.  I keep newborn diapers, wipes and pacifiers available too.



Underneath my prop shelves I have a rack that I use to hold backdrops for child, infant and newborn sessions.


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