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365: week 10

Suddenly, this project seems quite ambitious–even for me.  But I really don’t want to quit, so I wont.  Ten weeks have gone by since the new year, which is hard to believe.  I like this project because every week I am reminded of time passing, and it gives me a second to reflect on what is important to me.  For that, I’m grateful.  Who’d have thunk it’d be so hard to remember to snap one image everyday.  It’s funny how ‘real-world’ engagements pull you away so easily from things that we cherish. Suddenly, different from a month ago, I’m having to try and schedule a moment with my camera rather than tell myself “I need to put it down now”.  In anycase, I have completed another week, and am delighted to be learning so much more than the appreciation of myself for completing a goal I’ve set forth.  This project has begun to help put my life into a little more perspective oddly enough, and I kindof like that.

For future reference, my “oh crap I need to take a picture now or I’ll have no time later” moments are often documented in cat form.  And this week we’ve been graced by a dirty crock-pot and unripened bananas.  What can I say? It’s my life.

Feb 26:  I think my cats have been sneaking out at night to have a little rendezvous with the neighbor cats.  Well, maybe not–but I knew there was a visitor hanging around!  Proof!  My cats haven’t been out in weeks!

Feb 27th: I keep dreaming about my tulips popping through and the lilacs blooming–but it seems so far off 🙁

Feb 28th: Sometimes I panic when people come to the door because this is how I roll.  Great grandmas robe (truly a ‘grandma’s robe’), nearly fluorescent fleece pants, and warm christmas socks.  So Comfy! (who needs to be fashionable when they are comfortable?!)

March 1: Love this.  He seems so content and serene.

March 2: Hmm.   Well I like my bananas slightly un-ripe, you?

March 3: HEADS UP! Crows abound!

March 4: One of my fav. household decorations.  And it seemed fitting for the political climate we are in lately 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend : )

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