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365: Week 4

It has certainly been an interesting week for me.  This week we firmed up some plans with our wedding coordinator at The Wilderness, and we were pleasantly surprised when we found the bill to be lower than we expected!  It was a good experience also,  because I feel much more confident about things and the way Jenny, our coordinator, handles things!

And then the next day I reinjured my poor little tootsie.  I have been on the mend with my foot for about 10 weeks since I had surgery on it, and then I banged it AWFULLY HARD on the tub.  I don’t know HOW I managed to do that, but it was in just the right spot to send me through the roof.  I DONT RECOMMEND IT!  This morning it’s significantly more swollen than it was, but it doesn’t hurt quite as bad as it did–so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed it keeps improving.

Yesterday I went for an MRI of my back.  I have been suffering with back pain for over a year now, and it’s increasingly gotten worse.  Today my Doc called me to inform me of a L5S1 ligament tear coupled with a bulging disc.  He is triaging me with a spine specialist to make the final call but said “maybe they will just have you do therapy before surgery, so don’t worry!”  Really?! I thought.  “But I’m only 27!”  I contacted my current boss with the FYI, and she then said “You’re too young to be having these health issues!”  REALLY?! You think?!  And my dad, “You’re too young to be falling apart.” Thanks dad.  All this really makes me feel a whole lot better about my situation.  C’mon people!!

In the meantime, I have managed to snap a few shots and complete more wedding projects (which will be posted on my bloggity in the near future).  For now you’ll have to settle with these:

Jan 22: These remind me of the beach, and my fam.  I don’t have a good place to hang them so the wind hits them, but I sometimes will give em a smack and relish in the noise of the shore 🙂

Jan 23: For some reason I am attracted to decorative bird items.  I love these guys.

Jan 24th: If you don’t take vitamins, you should.  If you don’t like swallowing pills, or find yourself not taking them because they are pills, try these!! I love my gummy vitamins, its like getting a piece of candy everyday!  I recently got my blood work done, since I have started taking these (for a little over a year) and my levels are so much better than they have ever been!!  Love them!

Jan 25th: I was looking for a cool picture to take that captured the theme “soothing repetition”.  I ended up using something else but I still liked this guy.

Jan 26th: Ahhh winter, you’ve been so strange.  One day it’ll be zero, the next in the 20s, not to mention the East Coast getting bombarded by snow.  I heard that in some places, due to lack of funds they have to use PICKLE JUICE to help de-ice!

Jan 27th: It’s hard to find anything with a punch of color around here in the winter!  Sometimes I wish I lived in California or Texas, I rarely see a “dull” picture come from that neck of the woods!

Jan 28th: My cat is a handful.  Sometimes we have to find things for him to do just to keep him happy or distracted.  If he’s not sleeping or eating, he either wants to be eating or needs attention.  For Christmas the Kitty-Santa brought a treat-ball.  Sometimes he spends hours playing with this thing trying to retrieve all the treats.  It can turn into a pretty awfully entertaining event!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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