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All in a day’s love.

I do it because it makes me happy.  I know that these memories are the ones that will mold the perception of their childhoods and add to the magic of the innocence they hold.  And that makes me  happy.  It’s just a brief time in life that we all get to have that innocence before it is lost, stolen, or even misplaced.  To me, it is a parent’s job to make that period, as short as it may be, as magical as possible.   What’s even better is to share that with others, and hope that you can touch the lives of as many children as possible.  And so, we had a little Valentine day party.  It brought me back to the days of Valentine card box creations in elementary school, and the little surprises my own mom would leave me with.  It got me excited about an otherwise benign (in my book) holiday and now I can’t wait for it every year.

People say kids make Christmas so much more fun.  True.  But really, they make everything more fun.  Everything is more exciting, new, unpredictable, and big with kids.  Boy do I LOVE that.  Valentine’s day may just be moving up on my ladder of holiday wonderfulness now that I have my own child.  It’s like a free pass to love on them even more than before, and remind them again just how special they are–and because it’s the day for it, it’s okay.  What is not to love about spreading the love?!

For all of you, I’ll spread the love through pictures.  A little bit from our love-day:



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