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Happy Holidays!

It always seems to creep up on us.  This year it came with a vengeance for me.  Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was so late, just like the little ladies in line at JoAnn’s so kindly reminded everyone that crossed their path–but I think it’s was for me, a culmination of events that transpired the past couple months along with the fact that I have a toddler now for the first Christmas ever.  I get it now.  The whole, “wait until you have kids…” threat that people like to give to you when your younger and less understanding about, well, everything.

It’s been a whirlwind year once again.  A year of growth, change, and lots of love.  Personally I’m in a place I never imagined being with my life, self, and spirit.  Part of that is because of my work.  This business that has become something more than I think anyone I know and love would have ever thought.  And that is because of you all.  I can’t wait to continue to grow and do more–there is so much I want to do for my lovely client friends, and I am hoping that I am almost to the point that I actually can!  (Don’t forget, March is client appreciate month for KSP!)

From mine to yours, I hope that your holiday season is filled with everything you hope it to be.  For me, that is peace, love and joy.  Stay safe and warm!!




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