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Welcoming Maggie {Madison Wisconsin birth photography}

When I’d tell people my goal was to start to photograph births this year, they usually respond with, “what! why?” or “who would want pictures of THAT?”

I, of course, can’t think of a better reaction than “why WOULDN’T you?!”  One of life’s single most miraculous and life changing events–not to mention most beautiful and emotional–and how many of you have seen pictures of your mother’s labor of love to bring you into the world?

What a gift to give to your children. . . a memory of the power and sheer determination of their mother in labor.  Seeing their mother completely vulnerable yet as the warrior all mothers come to be.   To hand down the documentation of the connection, joy, and overwhelming love that overcomes each soul present the moment the baby gargles for it’s first breath.  To forever be able to remember what your 6lb 10oz miracle looked like.  Because in the blink of an eye, you’ll be documenting their first soccer game, graduation, and the moment dad hands her hand over to her forever love.

Because THESE are the moments you’ll want to hold on to forever.

I will be forever grateful to Mel, Jason and family for inviting me into their lives for these intimate and completely awesome moments.  They welcomed their third daughter Maggie into the world at 10:26am on February 10th.  Mel is one of the co-founders of Fellow Flowers (an awesome women’s running movement/company) and after I met her the first time at the Fellow Flowers Declare it Day (just days before Maggie’s birth) I was so inspired by her.  Her spirit is contagious and attitude is one that needs to be heard.  So, I had a feeling that the birth of her daughter would be nothing short of awesome.  It was. She was. Everyone was.  Mel handled everything with calm, grace, patience, and gratitude.  I was blown away by how easy she made it look, and when I saw daddy fall in love with his little Maggie a piece of me was forever left in that room with them.

As I pulled away from the hospital that afternoon, I chuckled to myself as I thought about how every laboring mother should have every color flower (from Fellow Flowers).  Every mother earns those colors through the passing laboring moments.  It’s a mixture of it all: being authentic, a dreamer, contentment, ROCK STAR moments, feeling worthy, making no excuses, unbridled strength, courage, gratitude and hope, and of course being forever united.  I so wish I had all the flowers with me for you that day Mel…

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