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Mr. and Mrs. Deal!

My favorite local photographer, Jenn Van Wyk, was nice enough to ask me to accompany her to her wedding gig on May 1st for Ashley and John.  It was a beautiful event for two beautiful people.  These two really love each other, and you could tell that that is what the day was about.  John and Ashley were awesome at “keepin’ it real” and going with the flow which made it an awesome day for me to hide behind the lens and take it all in.

Jenn did an amazing job–as always–but it was so fun to watch her in action and to get in on the fun!  I learned so much; but most importantly I learned that I have so much MORE to learn!  This opportunity really got me vamped for the rest of the weddings I have planned for this year (and next!) and I cannot wait to improve with each opportunity I am given!

If you like the photos you see here, check out my facebook fan site, for some more!

I am going to start with a few of my favorite B&W’s.  Personally I LOVE a good B&W photo–there is just something to “un”-telling about them that makes me want to stare at them endlessly thinking about the story behind them.   Plus I just love the drama they entail!  Enjoy!
Egh!, who am I kidding? I think I’ll make this post a uniquely “grey” post and keep the b&w coming…(there are colors on facebook)
Aren’t these two just darling?
Maybe I love b&w because it reminds me of all the photos I spent hours thumbing through and ingraining into my brain from all of the days of the lives of those dear to me that took place before I came into the world.  It’s PROBABLY my favorite thing to do–look at old photos, of people known and unknown, and to create their story in my mind.     This picture, to the left looks like one of those photos to me–a bring embracing her dad’s arm before beginning the journey of her marriage–it’s a common image, but so beautifully unique to us all. LOVE the b&w.    

Thanks Ashley and John for letting me be a part of your big day!!

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