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Otto, 15 days new {Sun Prairie Wisconsin newborn photographer}

When I photographed my own newborn recently, I had a realization that made me reconsider the way I would shoot the rest of the newborns I see in my studio. While my baby was growing inside of me, I had months to visualize what I thought I might do with her in the studio–all complicated, different poses than what I typically do–an opportunity to practice and expand my portfolio, I thought.

In reality, nothing turned out the way I wanted, and I spent a few days upset about it before I went back into the studio with her again a week or so later. This time, I let her lead the way. I realized then, really, what I’d want to see the most in the years to follow would be who she was as a newborn–her personality, the things that made her unique, her little details. 

I was excited when this little guy came into the studio a month later; My main goal would be to capture him in all his unique simplicity first. . . because we know all newborns have their own little personalities for sure! I have decided, while, the fun poses with props and wraps etc. are obviously desired, I will start all sessions just simply capturing who the babies are alone and simply. I will still get some unique more complex posed photos too, of course, but it will not be my main goal as it used to be.

I’m SO happy to have come to this realization, and relieved! It is so easy as a creative mind to constantly compare and measure up, and see amazing artful photos that seem completely perfect and elaborately thought up and get caught up in them–when in reality I feel it makes us loose focus on the real moments in front of us! These types of images, coupled with the 1-2 minute videos of these sweet babes that I will be including for newborns will ensure that mom and dad can always relive the sweetness of the first moments of their child’s lives–and what gets better than that?!


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