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The Wedding Album

I attended several workshops last year to better educate myself in array of facets in regard to my work.  I learned SO much and have been working really hard to really make a brand that reflects my beliefs/values/and mantras.  One big thing I took away from a workshop with Jerry Ghionis was how important it is to offer a quality album in my wedding packages.

I have always shied away from this option due to the unknown and cost.  I pride myself on being to offer affordable quality photography coverage to my brides.  It may not be the best business model for my wallet, but it keeps me feeling good about my work, allows me to keep doing this, and keeps the relationship between me and my clients on a level that I enjoy.

When I saw these albums at the workshop I attended, and learned how affordable they could be, I knew they’d be a great addition to my packages–plus, they are made in Italy, and that is just awesome.  I mean, c’mon, what screams romance like Italy?!?!  All my packages now include this awesome, sleek, quality, beautiful 12×8 30 page wedding album.   Don’t worry, you also still get a flash drive with all the images as well…but…

Imagine this:  You sit down on your couch with your husband/wife after you first year of wedded bliss…you think about what a wonderful year it has been as you cut into your thawed out wedding cake topper, and as you clink your champagne glasses in celebration you reach into the drawer of your coffee table to retrieve your…..FLASH DRIVE!  WOMP WOMP.  I mean, how romantic right?

Now picture this:  It’s been five years since your wedding, your 3 year old is dancing around the living room in her well loved white ‘wedding’ dress-up dress and plastic clickity high-heeled shoes.  Your husband comes home from work and gives you that look; the one you fell in love with him from, the one of pride and compassion…and you say to your daughter, “I wore a pretty dress when I married your daddy, do you want to see?”  She answers yes with excitement as you pull out your beautiful custom wedding album.  You all sit down on the couch, go through the album and get tears in your eyes as you remember one of the happiest days of your life.  And your daughter says “mommy, you’re beautiful!”

I got married nearly three years ago, and I’m a photographer.  Would you believe I STILL don’t have my wedding album done?  I had a brilliant idea to make a scrap book out of the thousands of images from our day (which was the best day of my life)…and I cannot tell you how many times I have said “I wish I would have just decided to do a digital album.  I tell myself I will finish it EVERY YEAR, and I still only have a couple pages done.

I’m telling you–it is TOTALLY worth it to have someone else do it for you!  So I’m proposing you let it be me 😉





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