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Cottage Grove Family Photographer {Donohue Family}

Rachel was the winner of my last Facebook Fan giveaway! I totally believe that things happen for a reason and as I walked away to my car after our evening of photo-taking I concluded that this was one of them.  Going into the session, I was spinning off a previous few days of self-doubt and feeling unfit for my business.  I had had long discussions of ‘what am I doing wrong’ and ‘what can I do better’ with my husband and took several online courses that made me feel subpar–which I have also learned seems to be the normal ebb and flow of my working.  And ultimately it pushes me more.  So, driving away from this session, I felt rejuvenated and in love again.  I love what I do.  Then, I got a lovely little note from Rachel saying how happy she was, and explaining how important photos are to her–and all was right in the world.  She was singing my song.  This is why I do what I do.  To share little treasures of time from now, for later.

Thank you Rachel for entering my give-away, and giving me the boost that I needed at that point in time!  And thank you Paul for being cooperative and kind during a warm summer evening, you guys were such a fun couple to work with.  Oh, and Colin and Lukas? Seriously.  The cutest.  I’m sorry the evening ended on such a bummer, (Dang wasp!) but I truly enjoyed meeting you guys and hope I have the opportunity to see you again!!!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!



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