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‘Fer Real Friday: I love taking playground pictures!

I remember when I first started my photog business and clients wanted to bring their kids to the playground for pictures; I DREADED it.  I

My own: Party prep

It’s still surreal, really.  I have to remind myself frequently where I’m at in life.  I’m a daughter. I’m a wife.

My Own: I’m seriously slacking

I blame smartphones. In the battle between convienence and preference convenience is seriously winning out.  I used to bring my SLR camera

Puttin’ on the blinders, fer real!

Our house is in disrepair again, as we decided to tackle a DIY kitchen makeover before my daughter’s birthday party on August 10th,

My own: Grandma’s here!!!

I don’t know who is more excited, me or my daughter.  I think she is beyyyyond sick of spending all day every day with me, and she

Home sweet home.

It’s funny how quickly you forget about everything you once thought you’d miss so much when you submerge yourself into

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Your next-door neighbor is not a man; he is an environment. He is the barking of a dog; he is the noise of a piano; he is a dispute about a

Fer Real Friday: What should I wear for my pictures?!

‘Fer real…I get this question all the time.It’s practically inevitable; we talk about the location, the weather, and the

Lithia Florida Wedding Photographer | Jayson & Ashley, Married.

It’s the unexpected things in life that make it interesting.  The twists, and turns–the near and far–the wanted and

{My Own} Memorial Day

It’s time to whip out the flips and tanks, lather up with sunblock, and bring the freckles out of hiding…they say.  Memorial

Growing old, what “my own” parents taught me.

Leading by example really resounds in my family when it comes to family values, and expectations.   And even if everything else was do as I

Best Friend’s Wedding Day–Dear Jenn

It’s finally here, over a year’s worth of planning and it seems to come and go in an instant!  I hope you take time to soak it